gw2    BEARRRRRRRR  

Shoutout to that Black Mage that muscled it with me halfway through Copperbell Mines when we lost our healer and tank near the start B) Thanks for dealing with my half-assed tanking as a lancer lmfao



So my new Charr glitched after using the diving goggles and I spent the next 10 minutes rolling around Metrica Province.

  gw2    omfg  

Costa del Sol: Where all your dreams come true

just what i needed

battle panties

  FFXIV    screencaps  

Air ponies and the Hoggening

  FFXIV    screencaps  

The Humble Store: Great games. Fantastic prices. Support charity.


SAINTS ROW 4, 60% OFF (€16 / $veryfew?)


Would anyone on GW2 be interested in gifting me that permanent Captain’s Airship pass for a painted bust portrait maybe?  Kinda like these. (last one’s just to showcase the style, obvs)  Shoot me an email at moementm @ gmail if interested (sorry, I don’t really trust tumblr asks, they like to run off and join scarlet’s army sometimes)

TAKEN thanks guys!


I keep getting steam friend requests from people I don’t knowww

How do you people find me

welcome to the game, have a drunk moogle